Hi, I’m Fatima. I live in London, UK, the best city you could live in if you’re always looking for something to do, eat loads, be exposed to a wide range of opportunities and meet your favorite celebrities! Unfortunately it’s very expensive, and I’m not that good at saving. Welp.

I do a bit of everything. For a living, I work as teaching support stuff + tutoring; I love having the opportunity to shape young minds! I’m a biochemistry graduate, and my favorite subject is chemistry. London is my crib, so I’m always lurking around somewhere, looking for places to add to my repertoire of “I’ve been there!” I really like videogames, Disney, and anime, so you’ll always see my at nerd events, just creeping about.

Before London, I’ve lived in Rome, Italy, where I grew up in the middle of the city surrounded by a very international community. I understand zilch about Rome’s transport systems, but somehow I know that city so well I can find my way around it even without a metro ticket. I’m so used to colossal and/or beautiful art and monuments that London made me cringe when I first came here. Nowadays I teach a lot of Italian students, and it reminds me of home.

I was born in Bangladesh, where I returned to live for a few hours in my teens. I loved it; my house was huge and I had my own king-sized bed and bathroom! But that aside, there was so much to do, so much industry and nature to take in, and as someone who grew up with privilege, I had a lot to offer to the community. I did an extensive amount of volunteering with impoverished communities and individuals with disabilities. One time I went around on a boat giving our sweets to dozens of children swimming about! Another time I walked around tiny tin and wooden houses suspended on water. Bangladesh was also the first time I saw the Milky Way clearly in all its unobstructed glory! Nothing’s quite like London, but nothing’s quite like my birth country either.

In my free time I’m an online news editor and have manage my own videogames fanpage. I also do interesting hijabi cosplay, when I’m not crying in a corner over my empty wallet. I love creating things, so the most used application on my Mac is Photoshop. I absolutely love reading and extending my knowledge. I took Japanese at university and am still learning it, hoping to be able to visit Japan and attend amazing events like TGS, Jump Festa, and D23 someday. And of course, Disneyland Tokyo! (Which isn’t actually in Tokyo… welp.) I have watched much over 100 anime in my lifetime, and counting; my top favorite anime series/movies are Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, Code Geass, Durarara, Spirited Away, and Kimi no Na wa. I’ve also read many mangas, with some of my favorite series being FMA, Pocket Monster Special, Loveless, and Attack on Titan. However, my favorite fandom in absolutely EVER is Kingdom Hearts. I live and breathe it. KH is love, KH is love.

I’m an extremely empathetic person so I can get passionate about many things, so if you see me roasting people, I’m sorry you had to see that! (Unless my comment was super sassy with no chill, then by all means, enjoy.)

That’s about it for now. See you soon!